Celebration Church

"Come Grow With Us"

6204 SW 9th Street, Des Moines, Iowa
Meet Our Pastors

Randy and Betty Waterman simply put, are "Pastors" thru and thru. Both of their dads were pastors, so they literally grew up in pastoring. In fact, they even met for the first time in church.

"Loving God and loving people" is more than a theme with them, it's a Lifestyle!

One of Pastor Randy's favorite sayings is... "It's not were you have been, it's where you're going." Coupled with Pastor Betty's constant use of; "Your mistakes in life, do not define you; you are not who you used to be." These two proclamations are so indicative of the grace and love they extend, on a regular basis, to the people of our church.

Pastors Randy and Betty are great people of "Faith" who not only teach faith, but also live it on a daily basis. They are constantly challenging people in the church to GROW IN GOD and DRAW CLOSER TO GOD.

So as our pastors often say... "Come Grow With Us".